United Sales Associates
520 N. Waiola Avenue | LaGrange Park, Illinois 60526 | (708) 482-9550

Area of Representation

Our territory covers 14 States in the Midwestern and North Eastern United States.

The territory encompasses 30% of the continential U.S. population and over 25% of its landmass.

Our established jobber network includes over 2,000 brick and mortar jobber locations.

We call on several major internet retailers which extends our market influence beyond the territory borders.

Four office locations in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Southwest Michigan allow our represenatives to provide constant attention to both manufacturers and customers.

Market Segments

Specialty Aftermarket

Commercial Fleet

Government & EMS

Core Competencies

Jobber Calls

  • Jobber Calls are the foundation of our business.
  • All jobbers in our territory recieve presentations tailored to fit their business.

    Account Maintenance

  • Manage data distribution from manufacturers to all customers.
  • Provide constructive customer feedback to manufacturers.
  • Maintain manufacturer sales programs such as rebates and sales spiffs.
  • Coordinate / monitor warranty and returns

  • Market Insights

  • Provide guidance and feedback for product marketing and pricing.
  • Determine market advantages from Jobber feedback.

  • Pioneer New Product Lines

  • Leverage our experience and expertise to ensure that your products gain the best possible exposure in the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Ensure that your company and brand maintain good standing in the eyes of distributors, dealers and consumers.

  • Develop and Grow Industry Relationships

  • With over 60 years of experience in the aftermarket automotive industry, we understand the importance of relationships.
  • We have worked with countless manufacturers to bring new products to the marketplace, and understand the processes required to ensure a successful product launch.